Chaplain’s Corner

chaplain-emblem copyDistrict 1 Chaplain James Wright



PRAYERS TO PDC ED KETCHUM – Scripps Hospital, La Jolla
First of all thank you to Chaplain Joe (Gunner) Vaineharrison of VFW Post 7907 in Poway for attending the funeral of a Poway World War II Veteran, Chuck Meyers, in March of this year. I was requested to attend this service, but I could not attend it because I has already committed to doing the funeral service for VFW Post 4630 Life Member, Jimmy Dixon, whose service took place at the same time. Our prayers and condolences go out to both of the families of these veterans. They were our Comrades in arms and I am glad that we could be of some service to their families during what must have been a very difficult time for them.
Chaplain Laurie Scamman of VFW Post 2082 was also able to come to the aid of a veteran and his family who were in need of assistance. The veteran that she assisted was a Korean War Vet and his family. They needed a hospital bed for him, and she was able to find one and get it to their home. She was also able to offer some assistance to his daughter who was having trouble with VA Assistance paperwork. So thank you to her for the outstanding work that she is doing.
During phone conversations with Chaplain Laurie and other Chaplains it has been made clear to me how very important it is for Chaplains and Service Officers to have good working relationships. However, not all of the time is there a service officer that can assist a Chaplain. This was the case in Chaplain Laurie’s situation. So I think that it is important for Chaplains to attend the Service Officer Training that the VFW offers each year. So please consider this idea.
As many of you already know VFW Post 1513 Senior-Vice Cdr. Mike Burke passed away recently. He had been dealing with some medical issues that were related to recent fires in Ventura from what I understand. The funeral services for him have been scheduled for 10 am, April 27, 2018 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Escondido. The burial will be at noon in Oak Hill Cemetery. Please plan to attend if you can make it to the service.
These are all of the recently deceased veterans and comrades that I am aware of. If you know of others please let me know. And let us all please show the love of God to those family members that may still be hurting because of the loss of a loved one. Take some time out to call them or reach out to them if you know them and let them know that you care. The last thing that I want to be sure to include is a Bravo Zulu to Chaplain Tom Dorsey of VFW Post 2275. Chaplain Tom has been to at least one of our district Chaplain Workshops, he has helped me with the State Homeless Veteran Program Fundraiser at the Dept. Convention in the past, and he most recently was one of the few Chaplains to complete a report for February 2018 in the new Chaplain Online Reporting System. I saw his report the other day as I inputted my own February 2018 Report. Thank you for that report, and thanks for all of the work that you do in the service of our veterans. I am sure that veterans like John Salle of his post really appreciate what he does for them , and I know that they look forward to him greeting them at the post when they are able to return after they recover from an illness or other misfortune that may keep them away for a while. So keep up the good work.
To all of you comrades and auxiliary members, Thank you for the good work that you do for our veterans.I know that it is not stated enough, but we appreciate you. Please continue to show God’s love to the sick, the broken, and all of those in need. I want you to know that God is encouraging you to keep doing what you are doing for the veterans in our community and the overall community in which we
God’s Speed Everyone,
Chaplain James